Overview of Cleanse

The basic outline of our cleanse, as given in Karr’s Crazy, Sexy Diet

Wake up: Big glass of water with lemon and a touch cayenne pepper

15-20 minutes of meditation

1 -2 cups of green tea

When hunger strikes: green smoothie or fresh juice.

Try not to eat solids before lunch.

LUNCH: 80% of the plate with raw veggies, meaning salad with lots of leaves and veggies.

20% of the plate with beans, grains, and or nuts/seeds.

SUPPER: Same ratio as lunch.  80% veggies – 20% beans, grains, etc.

However, I will follow Dr. Furhmann’s Eat to Live and have the 80% be cooked veggies, mostly in the form of soup at one meal, and raw veggies the other meal.

SNACKS: We’ll stick to raw veggies, nuts (to a minimum), fruit, plain air-popped popcorn.

Lots of water for thirst.

DAILY: Karr also calls for daily Netty pot usage of the sinuses, and dry brushing the body, 35 minutes of exercise, love and positivity.