Weight Loss

Mom, you said you are disappointed that you didn’t lose weight last week.  I think a good idea would be to weigh out 1 oz of nuts, and not eat any more than that.  You might also consider not eating more than 1 serving of grains a day (1/2cup cooked rice or oatmeal) and get the rest of your food through veggies.  This is what Dr. Furhmann prescribes on his 6 week cleanse.


TGIF, Wayne Dyer, and Positivity

Friday and the weekend is here!  I look back on weekend one and remember the dread I felt.  No wine!  No pizza!  No sugar!  Whatever will I do with myself to survive this boring weekend?!  Those anxieties are completely gone.  I was listening to my friend Wayne Dyer chatting through the speakers of my car today.  I like that guy a lot.  He reminds me of my dad, only bald.  Anyway, I was struck by something he said about turing your focus towards the positive.  An example he used was something like – don’t focus on not wanting to be addicted or fat or lazy, but rather change your focus to wanting to be healthy and vibrant and energetic.  The negative aspects will then sort themselves out without you worrying about them.  This is exactly what has happened to me.  The focus of this cleanse was for health and spiritual growth, and what “magically” happened without my stressing about it was losing weight, not being a slave to my drug of choice -alcohol, and being more patient with my family and myself.   I think it was in the documentary, Hungry for Change, that someone said to change your focus from “Oh poor me, I’m not allowed to eat wheat/sugar/meat/whatever,” to “I can eat all those thing, but I don’t choose to.”  That simple shift to the positive focus frees you.  I now understand that phrase “Give it over to god.”

Baby is happily babbling in his crib and mommy is enjoying her stuffed pepper leftovers for a late lunch.  I’m excited about the weekend!  Looking forward to all the shenanigans that I’ll get up to with the kiddies!